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Setting the New Standard for Cloud Security

Valtix cloud security services make network security automatic at the pace of the apps it protects – even across Clouds.

Leave Operational Complexity Behind

Valtix Cloud Security Platform simplifies network security for your clouds to ensure security is applied to your apps and data at the same breakneck speed that DevOps deploys.

The Valtix Cloud Security services made up of a Cloud Controller and Cloud Firewalls leverage the automation and innovation of cloud infrastructures, enabling network security to be programmatically merged into your cloud architecture while also providing the same levels of security and performance customers are accustomed to in their physical data centers.

Manage Globally, Enforce Locally

Valtix Cloud Controller provides a single pane to manage network security-as-a-service, enabling consistent network security controls across your clouds. Tightly integrated with the cloud provider's APIs, our controller simplifies network security deployments by consuming and leveraging the native tools provided by the cloud providers. No more vendor provided scripts or agents to continuously adjust and update.

Valtix Cloud Firewalls are deployed with automated and deterministic precision into your cloud networks. Production traffic stays in your environment as enforcement and inspection is applied locally while the firewalls perform TLS decryption, WAF and IPS threat inspection and enforcing Firewall access control policies. 

Performance wise, Valtix’s single pass content inspection engine accelerates security processing while running on x86 and FPGA instances. 

Continuous Discovery, Continuous Deployment, 
Continuous Defense 

Leveraging the integration with the cloud providers' APIs, the Valtix Cloud Security Service continuously discovers the apps, resources and data endpoints in your clouds, making visible the ever changing attack surfaces of each VPC/VNet. 

The continuous instrumentation provided by the discovery process is utilized to dynamically secure customers apps and data as they are on-boarded, moved or scaled, within a single cloud and across clouds.

Cloud Native.


High Performance.

Why Valtix?
True Multi-Cloud Support

True Multi-Cloud Support

See and control across your VPCs/VNets, regions, accounts and cloud providers, automatically discover apps and enforce app-specific security policies

True Elastic Auto Scaling

Natively Elastic

Leave scripting and administrative work behind, our controller handles auto scaling for you

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing


Consume your security the way you consume your cloud, with utility-based pricing

Consolidated Service Chains

Service Chains

Use a single policy and data plane for TLS, advanced firewalling, IPS, WAF and more; benefit from lower complexity, lower latency and high performance

In-Context Insights


See violated rules and potential attacks across L4-L7 and APIs in one place without external correlation

Predictable, Deep Inspection Performance

Predictable Deep
Inspection Performance

Experience better performance, efficiency and effectiveness with patented data plane architecture

Valtix really changed the game for how we secure applications in the Cloud. We love how simple it makes automating security workloads for our environment.

Leo Mata
Leo Mata

Manager, Tech Ops/InfoSec, Backcountry

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