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Setting the New Standard for Cloud Security

Valtix Security Service automates network security at the pace of the apps it protects – even across Clouds.

A Better Architecture for Managing Network Security Across Your Public Clouds

Valtix has completely rebuilt network security delivery for public clouds to simplify operational challenges

Cloud-Native Security Architecture

Valtix Cloud Security Service architecture came from deconstructing the monolithic, appliance based network security solutions and tooled it specifically for the API and programmatic driven cloud infrastructures.

The result is a cloud-native security architecture that scales and deploys security consistently and dynamically, securing cloud applications and data wherever they are deployed, across clouds, accounts and regions.


Uncompromised Security and Visibility

Valtix security service utilizes industry validated, datacenter-grade security to detect and block malicious contents and vulnerability exploits targeted at your cloud applications and data.

Web Threat Protection

Continuously updated web threat rules protects against the latest attacks. OWASP Top 10 coverage.

Intrusion Prevention

IPS rules are continuously updated to secure against Zero-Day attacks.

TLS Decryption

Enables end-to-end encryption with content inspection.

Firewall Access Controls

Control access to data and service endpoints.

Dynamic Security Rules

Rules are dynamically applied to resources based on resource metadata.

Continuous Discovery

Valtix continuously discovers the applications and data in cloud accounts.

Continuous Actionable Intelligence and Global Visibility

Valtix’s continuous discovery of cloud assets enables security teams to quickly identify unprotected hosts and take action by deploying deep packet inspection and web application security in a few clicks. 

The Valtix service based approach manages the underlying compute of the Valtix Controller and Cloud firewalls. Managed updates and upgrades and hitless while elastic auto-scaling of the firewalls is fully managed by the controller. This enables your could security teams to focus on securing your clouds.

Elastic Architecture Highlights



Controller managed. No agents or scripts to deploy and manage.

Single-Pass Inspection Engine

Single-Pass Inspection Engine

Low latency packet processing when all security functions enabled.

Standard and FPGA Support

Standard and FPGA Support

Cloud network services utilize standard and FPGA (AWS) based instances.

Transit Gateway and Ingress Routing Integration

Transit Gateway and Ingress Routing Integration

Manage TGW deployments and VPC attachments directly from the Valtix controller.

Key Management System Integration

Key Management System Integration

Integration with cloud services to secure certificate keys

Audit Logging, Including PCAP

Audit Logging, Including PCAP

Event logging of system, traffic and threat events to Splunk and syslog.

AWS F1 FPGA based Elastic Valtix Firewall clusters help with deep packet inspection for threats and API inspection for high bandwidth scenarios for the hub security services VPC for traffic between spoke application VPCs. 

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