Stop Exfiltration in Your Public Cloud Deployments

Valtix Cloud Security Platform makes it easy to get multi-cloud protection for outbound flows to the Internet with a simple to use SaaS portal or Terraform to integrate into your DevOps flows. This is not your basic security packaged as a SaaS.

Get Visibility on Egress Flows

See who's connecting where: top-level to details -“prod” instances connecting for software updates, hacked “pci” instances connecting to command-n-control (C2) or insiders going to unauthorized destinations. Discovery & visibility are free to try without deploying Valtix Gateways inline for protection.

Prevent Exfiltration, Achieve Compliance

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) with SaaS-based auto scaling:

  • TLS decryption at scale to inspect content
  • URL & FQDN filtering to limit connections to safe-listed sites and categories
  • DLP to protect confidential data: cloud secrets, financial ids, healthcare patterns...
  • Antivirus and IDS/IPS to stop malware

Automate all you can, focus on what you can't

Valtix offers a born-in-the cloud security service to protect your workloads across AWS, Azure & GCP. As a SaaS, Valtix lets security teams gets the mundane work of automation out of the way, and lets them focus on what matters.

Valtix automatically protects using continuous, automated, Discovery of your cloud workloads. Deploys in minutes and Defends with dynamic security policies.

Comprehensive Network Security for Public Clouds

Valtix AWS
Valtix AWS
Valtix AWS
Valtix AWS
Valtix AWS

Valtix for Egress Security

True Multi-Cloud Support

SaaS = Cloud Velocity

No complex architectures,  templates, or Lambda functions needed. Use the Valtix SaaS portal to deploy in minutes, not weeks.

True Elastic Auto Scaling

Prevent Exfiltration

Use TLS decryption, URL filtering (powered by BrightCloud) , DLP and IDS/IPS to stop command-n-control (C2) connections.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Usage-based Billing

Forget managing licenses, just pay for what you use: hourly PAYG, in volume or via Marketplace private offers.

Consolidated Service Chains

Simplify Operations

IP addresses are meaningless in cloud, use tags of your workloads to define dynamic security policies that work across all VPCs & clouds.

In-Context Insights

DevOps Ready Security

Bake security directly into the DevOps pipeline using Terraform and tag-based security policies.

Predictable, Deep Inspection Performance

Lower Security Risks

Discover, Deploy & Defend provide a simple workflow that makes cloud security effortless.