Valtix Data Lake Enables Sharing of Cross Account Vulnerability Data to Remediate Across Clouds

February 25, 2020  •  Valtix

Valtix Data Lake Enables Sharing of Cross Account Vulnerability Data to Remediate Across Clouds

Valtix Data Lake Enables Sharing of Cross Account Vulnerability Data to Remediate Across Clouds

New integrated security data exchange powered by Snowflake bridges security operations with actionable visibility; Snowflake collaboration enables cross cloud visibility of security risks.

SANTA CLARA, CA - February 25, 2020 - Today, at RSA Security Conference 2020, the industry’s first cloud native network security service provider Valtix, Inc. has announced a new modern security data exchange that enables the ingesting and  correlation of application vulnerability data from cloud native and third party security sources. The new data sources extends and enriches Valtix’s current cloud asset visibility which provides its customers continuous discovery and actionable awareness of active and unprotected applications and service endpoints.

This new technology consumes data from cloud and 3rd party security services to provide continuous awareness of vulnerable cloud assets. Discovered vulnerabilities can be quickly remediated with Valtix’s virtual patching by dynamically deploying firewall, IPS and WAF (Web Application Firewall) security policies. Areas of risk are quickly identified and their locations (Amazon VPC/Availability Zones/Regions) triangulated to enable cloud security teams the targeted information needed to quickly deploy virtual patching of vulnerable applications.

This integration accelerates time-to-protection in the cloud by aggregating dynamic security data rulesets to block zero-day threats through a few clicks,” said Valtix co-founder and CTO Vijay Chander. “The new data sharing features once again prove how Valtix’s cloud-native approach to security enables the business agility provided by the cloud.” 

The enhanced features added in Valtix Network Security Service v2.0 release include: 

  • Valtix Security Data Lake makes visible cloud asset vulnerability information across clouds
  • Layer-7 DoS controls to mitigate DoS attacks against Web and API services 
  • Event based workflows to quickly deploy virtual patching to remediate unprotected hosts in just a few clicks 

By leveraging Snowflake’s ability to quickly join data from different sources, Valtix is now able to expand how it uses data to provide better security insights and faster remediation for its users. Furthermore, the company is pleased to become a member of Snowflake’s data sharing program, making its security event data available (application flow and detailed threat) to the benefit of other security solutions. 

More Information 

  • Visit Valtix at RSA Early Stage Expo Booth #30 in San Francisco Moscone Center South
  • Test driving Valtix Network Security Service as a service in AWS Marketplace 
  • Product release blog on the latest release features and integration with AWS 

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