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The Cloud Gets High Performance Security "Hardware"

Vishal Jain
By Vishal Jain,
Sep 28, 2019

In the ancient history of network security, there existed a time when network security was simple and straightforward. Then apps and attackers got better at getting through simple port/protocol firewalls and netsec got interesting. Network security devices (firewalls, IPS, proxies, etc.) were expected to do a lot more analysis (more complex patt...

Network Security for PaaS Workloads

Praveen Patnala
By Praveen Patnala,
Sep 08, 2019

In the wake of the Capital One hack and breach, questions are again being raised on the overall security of public cloud infrastructures. Cloud Service Providers (CSP) have always maintained that security of the infrastructure is a shared responsibility between the customer and cloud provider. The number one priority for enterprises today as the...

Laying Down the Hammer on TLS 1.3

Cynthia Hsieh
By Cynthia Hsieh,
Aug 02, 2019

For this week’s Black Hat USA 2019 and DEF CON, Valtix CTO Vijay Chander wrote an E-book titled “TLS Ramifications for Legacy Next-Gen Firewalls” that examines security implications about NGFW firewall deployment and reveals TLS best practices from Valtix for outside-in traffic in Public Cloud. You can download the E-Booktoday.  Why it Matters ...