Cloud Adoption for the Canadian Public Sector: Accelerate cloud migration and apply advanced network security

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Cloud Visibility Insights for Exfiltration in Egress Traffic

Jigar Shah
By Jigar Shah,
Feb 11, 2021

Cloud Visibility Insights for Public Clouds The perennial challenge in security is finding what is insecure and securing it quickly (hours, not days/weeks). In an ideal world one would just set security policies on everything to secure and you’re done… but its hard to know your exposure and fine tuning the policies. And visibility is where you ...

Valtix Releases Official Terraform Provider to Automate Network Security into Your DevOps Pipeline

Praveen Patnala
By Praveen Patnala,
Jan 15, 2021

Summary HashiCorp’s Terraform has become a popular method for automating deployment of workloads on public clouds and on-premises environments. Security teams are also adopting Terraform to automate their workflows. Valtix previously released a Terraform plugin, also known as a provider, that allows customers to deploy their applications and se...