On-Demand Webinar: Architecting Advanced Network Security Across VPCs with AWS Transit Gateway

Valtix for Amazon Web Services

Running as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in AWS, Valtix Security Platform embraces AWS service integration holistically from data plane to management plane.

Ingress and Egress Cloud Edge Security Control (EDGE)

Valtix brings visibility into North-South and East-West traffic patterns, and provides security service enforcement through tag-based policy automation.

Pervasive Network Security with AWS Transit Gateway (HUB)

Valtix Services VPC with AWS Transit Gateway (TGW) eliminates network security management complexity when enforcing security policy dynamically across cloud regions and VPCs.

New data center needs a new network security standard

Valtix Cloud Controller offered as a SaaS service integrates with AWS infrastructure and native services. It launches Valtix Cloud Firewalls in customer's cloud accounts and enforces security policies across clouds.

Cloud practitioners look to extend software-defined security practices into Public Cloud with the benefit of elasticity, and automation where security follows the apps. Valtix Cloud Transit™ delivers application discovery, automatic deployment of the Valtix firewall through AWS Transit Gateway, and network security for the applications.

Valtix for VMware Cloud and AWS Transit Gateway

Valtix AWS

Valtix for AWS Features

True Multi-Cloud Support

True Multi-Cloud Support

See and control across your VPCs, regions and accounts, automatically discover apps and enforce app-specific security policies

True Elastic Auto Scaling

Natively Elastic

Leave scripting and administrative work behind, our controller handles auto scaling for you

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing


Consume your security the way you consume your cloud, with utility-based pricing

Consolidated Service Chains

Advanced Security Service Chains

Use a single policy and data plane for TLS, advanced firewalling, IPS, WAF and more; benefit from lower complexity, lower latency and high performance

In-Context Insights


See violated rules and potential attacks across L4-L7 and APIs in one place without external correlation

Predictable, Deep Inspection Performance

Predictable Deep
Inspection Performance

Experience better performance, efficiency and effectiveness with patented data plane architecture

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