Never maintain security infrastructure again

Valtix protects your applications and services with the first multi-cloud Network Security Platform delivered as a Service.

Cloud Architect Guide to Network Security

Cloud Architect's Guide to Network Security

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To support enterprise public cloud initiatives, Valtix focuses on delivering 3 key values:

  • Network security that adapts to your apps – means enterprises can move faster.
  • No infrastructure for you to maintain – eliminate cost of netsec infrastructure maintenance.
  • Cloud consumption model – only pay for what netsec is used, and account for it accordingly.

What people are saying about us!

Our partnership with Valtix is a key component of our cloud migration strategy, giving us the ability to create a secure, scalable infrastructure to protect our data and applications and more effectively meet the evolving needs of our members and partners.

Michael Rich

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at FHLBank San Francisco

Using Valtix we get continuous visibility of egress traffic to prevent exfiltration and add velocity to our security operations through one-click deployment and simplicity of a SaaS model.

Albert Chow

IT Director, SAXX Underwear

Ausenco is a global engineering and consulting company, providing full life cycle project solutions to the minerals & metals industry, along with specialized services to the oil & gas and industrial sectors. Over the past few years, we have embraced a multi-cloud strategy to support our presence in 14 countries and drive agility and speed in IT. The security of our applications and our brand reputation go hand in hand, and we expect the highest level of protection from our cloud vendors. We chose Valtix Network Security SaaS service as we see it as the best platform from a security perspective, as well as a “born in cloud” solution that is extremely quick to implement.

Anuj Anand

Vice President, Technology Services and Solutions

Valtix and New Context have partnered to help customers dramatically simplify how they protect their cloud workloads by deploying Next-Generation Firewall capabilities with DevSecOps tooling. Customers can now deploy workloads in minutes and be confident that their environments are secure, compliant, and scalable--while keeping costs low.

Sham Chotai

Chief Digital Officer, New Context

IT Blueprint chose Valtix to secure our own internal business critical systems hosted in Azure. The solution provides us with additional security protection and control mechanisms while integrating with native Azure network security – all through easy to understand policies. We definitely recommend Valtix as it simplifies security in the cloud without compromising our requirements.

Mike Gower

CEO and CTO at iTBlueprint Solutions Inc.

Visibility and Security of Enterprise Cloud Apps in Minutes

Valtix continuously discovers enterprise cloud applications, infrastructures, and security groups across clouds and accounts. Valtix distributed deep packet inspection data planes are automatically provisioned and the requisite networking changes are made in each enterprise account in minutes to prevent attacks and enforce security.

Valtix replaces appliance-based network security with an agentless, cloud-native approach.

Network security to enterprise standards, automation to cloud standards

Network security is managed globally, enforced locally - the multi-cloud Valtix controller manages single-tenant data planes in each customer. Enterprises define global  security policies - which are pushed to each of their cloud accounts. No production traffic leaves customer cloud accounts.

Valtix is delivered natively as a service - simple deployment, auto-scale, and zero maintenance - across both control and data planes. 

Protect against Inbound Threats

Secure your internet facing applications from attacks

Protect against Data Exfiltration

Limit access to good servers and content inspect all traffic, even encrypted

Protect against Lateral Spread of Threats

Prevents lateral movement of attacks between applications deployed across VPCs/VNETs

Protect PaaS Workloads

Secure traffic for applications built using serverless frameworks and PaaS services

We’re One of the Hottest Cybersecurity Startups

Valtix Achieves SOC2 Type 2 Compliance

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