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Network Security for Your Public Clouds Simplified

Valtix provides the first full-featured, cloud delivered service that breaks the mold of network service delivery, enabling the deployment of advanced network security in minutes, not days.

"Vendors that simply take their on-premises physical appliance into a virtual appliance don’t provide a cloud-native experience.
Cloud-native security offerings offer built-in automated resiliency, scale-out architectures, ease of insertion into the programmable network fabric of the cloud provider and support for transit virtual private cloud (VPC)-like constructs."

Massively Scalable, Highly Secure

Valtix controller continuously discovers your cloud applications across clouds and accounts. Valtix deep packet inspection firewalls can be deployed in minutes to prevent vulnerability exploits.

Security is enforced locally and data never leaves your public cloud accounts.

Service resiliency and security inspection scalability are baked into the design of the Valtix network security dataplane. 

We’re One of the Hottest Cybersecurity Startups Of 2019

Run Fast and Stay Secure with Valtix

Network security is managed globally, enforced locally

Valtix has implemented a run fast and stay secure approach by removing the complexities from deploying legacy datacenter security tools repurposed for the cloud. At the core of the Valtix Cloud Security Service is an engine that continuously discovers and maintains consistent security of cloud apps, enabling NetSec teams to reduce risks and quickly close security gaps.

Secure Ingress Proxy

Secure your Web applications from threats and bot attacks

Secure Egress 

Prevents command & control (C&C) communications from workloads 

East-West Security

Prevents lateral movement of attacks between applications deployed across VPCs/VNETs

API Gateway Security

Secures incoming connections to the API gateway and backend Lambda functions acting as an API endpoint 

Cloud Security Unboxed

Cloud security is just security, but the cloud is different from your legacy data center and requires a different set of security solutions.

Valtix really changed the game for how we secure applications in the Cloud. We love how simple it makes automating security workloads for our environment.

Jacob Elziq
Leo Mata

Manager, Tech Ops/InfoSec, Backcountry

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