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Introducing the First Cloud Native Network Security Platform

Isn't it time for your security to keep up with the apps it's supposed to protect?

The Cloud is the New Enterprise Datacenter

Enterprises need the same security in the cloud as they had in the on-prem datacenter, but it’s a different world - apps are deployed every day, networked automatically, yet security is still box-bound. 

Single Approach to Network Security

Valtix revolutionizes inline cloud network security, by following Discover, Deploy, Defend process template that make visibility and enforcement automatic at the pace of the apps they protect. 

Cloud Native


  • Real-time inventory as apps and networks change 
  • Multi-cloud landscape map with security infrastructure and policy overlay
  • Auto-detects changes & new apps


  • Automatic Valtix Cloud Firewall deployment
  • Supports all topologies; automatic networking changes
  • Security policy that follows apps
High Performance


  • Consolidated TLS, FW, IPS and WAF security-as-a-service 
  • Single pass pipeline with low latency
  • Single policy across security functions and across clouds

AWS F1 FPGA based Elastic Valtix Firewall clusters help with deep packet inspection for threats and API inspection for high bandwidth scenarios for the hub security services VPC for traffic between spoke application VPCs. 

Jacob Elziq
Jacob Elziq

CEO at Armature Systems, Inc

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