Announcing Valtix Cloud Risk Assessment

Exposes unknown security risks in Public Cloud and knows your cloud network behavior with cloud-delivered secure services.

Introducing the First Cloud Native Network Security Platform

Traditional Security Appliances Cannot Keep Up

Enterprises today are faced with two bad choices: being naked and agile or rigid and secure. This is what happens when you retrofit network security to the cloud.

A New Choice for Agile Network Security in the Cloud

Valtix revolutionizes inline cloud network security, with innovations that make visibility and enforcement automatic at the pace of the apps they protect.

Cloud Native

Cloud Native

  • Built from the ground up for the Cloud, with automated app discovery and elastic scaling
  • Native multi-cloud support for AWS/Azure/Google and pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Security that follows your apps


  • Consolidated security across TLS, advanced firewall, IPS, WAF and more
  • Unified policy across your VPCs, VNETs and cloud providers
  • Attack and threat visibility across all layers and APIs for better insights
High Performance

High Performance

  • Agile by design, moving with your app and your cloud
  • Unique single pass data plane optimized for basic to advanced cloud instances
  • 10X the performance of cloud multi-function appliances

Valtix really changed the game for how we secure applications in the Cloud. We love how simple it makes adapting security automatically to our workloads.

Karan Mehandru
Leo Mata

Manager, Tech Ops/InfoSec, Backcountry

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